I never knew how much a fireplace can really help your HVAC system

I just bought a new house and it has a fireplace.

When I moved in, I thought that the fireplace added a nice touch but I never imagined actually using it for heat.

Now I have been using my HVAC system less and less because I have realized how warm my fireplace can keep my house. I didn’t think about using my fireplace until a few weeks ago when the furnace stopped working. I kept meaning to call an HVAC technician but they were always closed when I thought about my furnace. One night I decided that I would start the fireplace and I was amazed at how warm I was. I turned off the thermostat and kept the fireplace running for a few days. As the days went on and I was using my fireplace I wasn’t even thinking about getting my furnace fixed anymore because I didn’t see any point. I got my bill a few days ago and I already have noticed a difference by turning the thermostat off. At this point I don’t think I will be calling the HVAC technician. I love the smell of the fireplace and I love how warm it gets. The furnace was nice but it cost a lot and just had the looming HVAC repair cost over it. I have been telling everyone I know that has a fireplace to try turning off their thermostat and just let their fireplace heat up the home. If you have a fireplace at home you should really try using it, your HVAC bill will drop!

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