I love when my HVAC technician comes and fixes everything

My house is huge, so I am always having problems with my HVAC system.

When I first moved into the house it had the oldest central heating and cooling system I have seen.

It felt like nobody had cleaned the ductwork for years, when I first walked in the air quality was horrible. I decided to go to the store and get an air purifier. It helped a lot to have the air purifier, but I knew I had to get a new HVAC system. Since I was new to the town I didn’t have an HVAC company that I trusted so I had to ask neighbors about their HVAC technician until I found a good HVAC company that I trusted. Now I really love when the HVAC technician comes because he does such great work and always fixes my HVAC problems. For the last few months I have been trying to find an HVAC system that works with my home. The problem is that with central heating and cooling it doesn’t seem to get my house warm enough. The furnace is located in the basement, so the basement has a nice HVAC system, but when you go upstairs it feels like the AC is on. I do have a fireplace in my house but I don’t like the smell so I would rather use my furnace. Last week when I was talking to the HVAC company they told me that I should try a ductless mini split system. I have been thinking about switching to a zoned heating and cooling system, I think that it is the only way I will get climate control in my house. Sometimes I wish that my house wasn’t big so that the HVAC would actually work.

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