Installed smart thermostat to stop bickering

That’s it! I can’t take it anymore! Something has to change! That’s what I yelled into the house a few months ago after a particularly nasty argument between me and my husband. For years, we had been bickering about the same tired old issues, and there was no end in sight. That’s the very day that I pulled out my phone and made a risky call. I dialed 1-800-SMRTTMP and held my breath as I waited for a customer service rep to answer. It wasn’t long after that; everything changed. That is, everything changed with our home temperature control unit. See, my husband and I have never been able to agree on a temperature control program. Since the first time we spent a night together, it was clear that we had very different temperature preferences. Whereas I am almost always freezing cold, he tends to be overheated on a regular basis. At night, I prefer to turn the AC down very low for high quality sleep, while he doesn’t mind if the house is sweltering hot. These minor temperature control differences might seem like they would matter too much, but you would be wrong. We have been locked in constant battle over the thermostat for years now. Every time I turn the temperature up, he comes by and turns the furnace back off. When he turns the AC to a low temperature, I sneak over and bump it up a few degrees. Our energy bills are increasingly troubled, as is our relationship. That’s when I finally decided to end it once and for all. I had a smart thermostat installed so that we receive push notifications every time the HVAC plan is altered. Now no one can modify the temperature program without being held accountable.

smart thermostat