A home aviary

When I was younger I was really obsessed with birds. Something about them seemed really magical and fun at the time. It must have been the way that they could take off and get away from any threat in their environment. They could soar through the sky and be free. I always wanted to do the same. I became a little bit obsessed with the idea of having a flock of birds as my own. I thought that it would be so beautiful to wake up every morning and see them in my home, looking wild + free. However, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that they would also have to do all of their normal “bird stuff” in my house. In order for them to be free, they’re still going to fly around everywhere. This means that they’re constantly kicking up their bird seed and feathers and shoving it through the indoor air. It floats through the house and winds up getting sucked into the air vents at some point. That’s when the bird debris becomes a big problem. My HVAC system Will break soon I’m sure, thanks to all of the bird is seed and feathers it sucks right up into my air filter. At least it gets trapped there, so I’m not completely breathing bird matter all the time. However, the mess requires me to change out my air filter roughly every week. If I don’t go over there and undo the damage to my air filter, my indoor air becomes low-quality very quickly. My HVAC unit is struggling to force any of the air through my air ducts, and my energy bills go through the roof. I realize now that there are a lot of unforeseen expenses when it comes to keeping your own aviary. For one, I would recommend immediately spending the money and getting a real air purification system.