You think AC can withstand some wind

In the climate where I live now things can get tumultuous pretty quickly.

  • The air in this region tends to be really hot and humid, so weather happens fast.

You can go from a perfectly sunny day to a completely stormy and dangerous situation in just a few minutes. It doesn’t help that we pretty much have summer all year round. The heat and humidity tends to last from April to October. This is a lot of time we’re waiting for giant storms to blow through, and hiding out from them in the safety of our own central cooling systems. It’s not so bad to deal with the heat each day when you have a viable AC unit at home. You can keep your indoor air nice and cool, and hide from the heat when it gets over very. The problem is those massive storms that crop up without warning. They tend to bring down power lines throughout the city, which means that we don’t have ac to keep us cool. There’s a temporary issue that requires waiting for the energy company to come out and fix the utility poles. Once they have the wiring up and running, your AC unit will kick right back into gear like never before. However, the bigger issue is when the wind damage immediately impacts your own cooling system. I have had several major limbs come falling down in my backyard recently. One of those managed to fall straight onto the AC condenser in the back of the house. Even once the energy was restored to our home, I had bigger fish to fry. Getting a professional HVAC technician out to my home in the middle of a stormy weather was no easy task. Finding funding for a whole new AC unit wasn’t the easiest thing to do either. I think we need stronger AC units in this city.
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