Hanging out in gym AC

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I really love going to the gym. In fact, if I’m not at work, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be able to find me hanging around like a barn fly. I’ll probably be just spending my time near the free weights section, if I’m not circling the standing machines or strolling along on the treadmills. You’ll know that it’s me, based on my fashionable workout clothes and the fact that I haven’t broken a sweat. I mean, that’s the whole reason I’m there – to get a break from sweating! You see, in my neck of the woods the air temperature is completely intolerable for half of the year. Down here in the South, the summer times are brutally hot. The sun pounds all day long, heating up the earth and cement with blinding intensity. The air is always laden with moisture, feeling incredibly heavy and humid on a daily basis. We rarely get breaks from the heat and muggy air, so it is essential to find comfortable indoor spaces for cool relief. Well, I just so happened to find the coolest, driest environment on the day that I accidentally wandered into our local gym. To be honest, I visited the establishment to attend a health and wellness course, during which I noticed that the gym was equipped with the best AC system I’d ever felt. It was downright cold in there, despite all the hot bodies, and there was wonderful air flow from every direction. There were air vents located everywhere, and many standing fans to disperse the cool air even further. I realized that this place was like an AC paradise on earth and signed up for a gym membership that very day. What can I say, it’s cheaper than operating my own sub-par AC at home.

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