I was happy that the doctor recommended an air purifier

I’m really not a big fan of going to the dentist or the doctor.

It seems that everytime I go to these places, the temperature control settings are way off.

At the dental office, it’s like they always crank the A/C in the winter, and they turn up the heating system in the summer months. This makes no kind of sense to me but that’s the way it is. I guess they feel they are saving money when the temperature control settings are that way. It’s so uncomfortable and the air quality is horrible. On top of that, the dental procedures are entirely painful and aggravating. When I go to the doctor, it’s like they are trying to freeze people to death. I swear they keep the temperature control settings at 65 degrees. I feel like I’m in the North Pole when I walk into the building. When I asked the nurses about the temperature control settings, they simply said it was their policy to keep the settings so low on the thermostat. They wouldn’t change the temperature control settings, no matter how many times I begged for them to just change it a little bit. I eventually was given a disposable blanket, which helped just a little bit. For the most part, I’m fairly healthy with a pretty solid diet. I get a good amount of exercise too. I do go for my regular doctor checkups though and it seems to help me keep myself in check. Sometimes the doctor will make suggestions and I will follow those recommendations. One thing I liked was when my doctor asked if I had an air purifier in my home. He said it was great for the air quality and so I decided to get that. I was really happy about the air quality improvement in my home.

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