I can’t deal with this terrible Heating and Air Conditioning provider

I particularly guess that the love of money is the root of all evil! People that are typically looking to get your money, there are a lot of evil intentions right there, i assume it’s silly these afternoons how it seems everybody wants to put their hands in your pockets leaving you particularly broke, and my Ex wife is a single of the worst when it comes to the love of money.

All she ever did was go on spending sprees and even when she got full custody of our child, she would spend all the child support money on herself and not our child.

I typically thought this was wrong and messed up, but that’s just the way it is! She eventually got into drugs heavily and I tried to get custody of our child, then the judge still allowed her to keep custody although she was arrested a few times for having drugs in the cabin around our child. It particularly doesn’t make sense but I assume it’s because the Judge makes money off pushing child support cases through. I was also aggravated when I got into this Heating and Air Conditioning idea repair idea with a crooked Heating and Air Conditioning corporation. I thought it was going to be relaxing saving money with a nice Heating and Air Conditioning idea repair plan, but these boys did horrible work. I assume they might have even broke my Heating and Air Conditioning idea on purpose just so that I would have to pay extra money to have it fixed. They say that you get so numerous repairs with the plan, but the lavish repairs are not covered by the plan! The thing is, I wouldn’t even need those Heating and Air Conditioning repairs if they did their jobs respectfully.


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