No wonder I was sick – bugs in the vents

Have you ever had one of those Seasons when it seems like you’re sick every single day? One week you might have a terrible headache.

  • The next week you are coughing constantly and disturbing your work mates.

The week after that you have a strange stomach flu. Sometimes you just get on a bad house streak and can’t seem to boost your immune system enough to get well. This is what I seem to be going through a few months ago, before I found out it was actually my indoor air temperature handling equipment making me sick. You see, it all started with a strange tickle in my throat. I noticed that I had some post nasal drip upsetting my throat and lungs. This is nothing normal for me, so I went to the doctor and asked what was going on with my sinuses. They recommended that I try some over-the-counter medicines and give it time. A week later, I was still extremely sick and my breathing was getting worse. I went back to the doctor and they gave me allergy medicine. Yet, another week later, I was still extremely sick. This went on for another month, with my breathing becoming increasingly labored and difficult. I felt like I was running my indoor AC system constantly, just trying to pump some cool and fresh air into my home so I could breathe for a second. It turns out, this was the wrong thing to do. My problem is actually originating with the HVAC system. I noticed this one day when I saw a bunch of bugs go scurrying into my air vents. I immediately called my HVAC technician and had them take a look in the air ducts. That’s when they discovered an infestation of disgusting beetles crawling through my air ducts. No wonder I was sick all the time, I had disease-ridden animals carrying in strange illnesses and spreading it through my breathing air.

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