The children of tomorrow

I am a regional guidance counselor for the entire school district, but i spend the school year travelling all over the unusual parts of our school district. I am responsible for monitoring the individual school’s college and work guidance programs; however, the two of us are finding it more substantial than ever to keep our children of tomorrow focused on the path ahead of them. The two of us are seeing many young people avoid college for a lack of funding available to them, but both of us also think there are many work educational programs that both of us can still encourage as another option for their life path! My most popular internship programs, that I am seeing, are the trade programs; particularly, since both of us live in a seasonal town, the heating and cooling internship programs are really thriving the most. It is an industry that is sure to give steady work for years to come, as both of us face temperature change on a whole new level. People are not being able to survive without some type of heating and cooling in their home. These programs train the students on the basics of beach beach house maintenance of the Heating and cooling units. They teach them basic air filter cleaning and changes, and deep maintenance of the air duct. By the end of their a single to more than one year internship program, they are installing full Heating and cooling units into client homes, but almost always, they are offered a full time salaried position upon graduation. It is a single of our most successful educational internship programs to date that I am incredibly proud of today. I think the parents are absolutely proud of their children for walking away from school with a task.

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