My heater broke down & now I am in the cold

Just a handful of weeks ago, I called the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier because I was having a problem with the heating.

I told him that the furnace was only laboring occasionally. I would have heat for a day or two & then the furnace didn’t work for most of the next day. I didn’t have anything I could depend on & I was looking at the weather getting progressively worse as Wintertide approached. They told me they would send a Heating & Air Conditioning tech out to look at the furnace the following day. When the young lady arrived, she went down into the basement, but she didn’t have much to say. She told me she couldn’t find anything wrong with the furnace. She charged for the repair call, but she didn’t do anything. I was a bit aggravated, although I thought that maybe I was just imagining the temperature was dropping so much. Two weeks later, I knew it wasn’t in our head, because it was forty degrees outside, our control unit was set to sixty-numerous & it was only fifty-numerous in the house. This unquestionably had me aggravated so I called the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier again. The same young lady came to our apartment & once again she told me she couldn’t find anything wrong with our furnace. I asked him if she was sure she was checking everything out. When she insisted, I told him I thought she needed to call someone more experienced. She started to walk out & I told him she could call from our phone. Two minutes later, she was looking at our control unit. Her employer told him that she should check the control unit & possibly change it out & she didn’t charge me for the repair call.

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