I’m getting tired of changing the thermostat settings

My brother wanted to come visit last month, and I was happy to give him a place to stay. He said he was going to stay for a few days, while he visited with me, my parents, and his two kids. My brother brought a lot of luggage for a few days, and I knew that was a bad sign. It’s been 6 weeks and my brother is still sleeping on the living room couch. I wouldn’t mind too much, if he didn’t leave the place a wreck. There are dirty dishes, candy wrappers, and empty beer cans laying all over the coffee table. He even leaves his shoes, socks, pants, and shirts all over the floor. I don’t have any children, but living with my brother feels like I’m taking care of a toddler. Every time I bring up going home, my brother changes the subject. I’m really starting to get fed up, because he keeps changing the thermostat setting. I have a nice apartment, but the bills can be tight with the electric, water, and rent. I have to keep the thermostat set at 74 degrees. My brother keeps changing the thermostat settings, even though I’ve asked him a thousand times to leave it alone. During the first few days, I tried not to complain about the thermostat. After all, I thought my brother was going home. After 6 weeks, it’s clear that my brother isn’t going anywhere. If he’s going to live here rent-free, then he’s going to have to obey my thermostat preferences and clean up his dirty underwear.