Hot water savings

Did you know that your hot water heater can either save you lots of money on your energy bills or it can make you lose tons of cash? It’s true. I just learned that the default settings of most people’s hot water heaters are set much higher than they actually need to be! Not only is that dangerous if you have small children in your home (if your hot water heater is set too high, the water that comes out in the bath, shower, or sink can be way too hot for children’s delicate skin and can pose a scalding hazard), but it’s also a complete waste of energy! Most hot water heaters have a factory setting built in to them. And the factory setting is something insanely high like 140 degrees. Who needs water that hot running through their pipes, I ask you? I don’t think I want water that hot coming down on my head in the shower. Last time we had a professional plumber come out to the house to snake a drain for us, he mentioned some tips to me on how to save both water and energy. I was the most interested in the energy savings tips, though! After he finished snaking the drain for us, the plumber showed me how to reduce the setting on our hot water heater in the basement. We reset it to 120 degrees instead of 140 degrees, and I haven’t been able to tell a difference at all as far as our plumbing or our hot water goes. The only place that I’ve seen any difference at all has been in our electricity bill. The plumber was absolutely right about the hot water heater’s temperature. I’m so glad that I listened to him because plumbers know way more than just how to clear out clogged drains!  

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