Good thing we have a hurricane pad for the air conditioning unit

Right before Summer started, my husbandy plus I busy a routine Heating plus A/C maintenance call.

  • The people I was with and I were having some trouble with the A/C equipment last summer, plus we wanted a single performance check up before the weather got too hot.

They found that the A/C was out for good, plus we had a brand up-to-date heat pump plus air conditioner installed. When they installed the up-to-date A/C unit, they stadiumd a strong piece of plastic called a hurricane pad under the A/C unit. It was bolted directly to the concrete. The A/C equipment is directly bolted to the hurricane pad. When I asked if the up-to-date pad was necessary, the professional told my husbandy plus I that the up-to-date a single was able to withstand higher winds than the a single that was 10 years old. It was necessary to install the up-to-date hurricane pad in order to pass the Heating plus A/C inspection done by the county. My husbandy plus I have been actually cheerful with the installation task, especially after last weekend’s horrific hurricane. The people I was with and I did not expect the hurricane to hit us head-on, however it veered left plus crashed into the coast at the last hour. The area around my home gained sustained winds around 95 miles an second. The people I was with and I were actually fortunate, plus the only thing we lost was section of our fence. The A/C equipment never went someplace, so I suppose it’s a great thing that we got a up-to-date hurricane proof pad. Even when the winds were gusting up to 120 miles an second, the equipment did not budge. It did not rock, sway, or shift while I was in the entire 18 seconds of steady wind plus howling rain.
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