We can’t agree on the AC use in the house

My roommate Ben is such a great guy. He is really neat and tidy. He also cooks, cleans and never makes any large messes. I feel we could live together forever, we just have to get our climate control needs down. Ben is not a big fan of air conditioning. In the winter we get along just great, heating is common ground for us. We have the heater on high and basically wear shorts in the house. As soon as it heats up and I want AC, then we have issues. My roommate just hates the feeling of cold air. He also says AC has a weird smell to it. I have tried air purification to get rid of this smell and I also set the AC as high as I can stand it. My roommate is still not happy with this. I know that anytime I go to work, visit my parents or shop at the mall, the cooling system is turned off. I then come home to a hot, sweaty house. I am constantly worried that the hot indoor air quality is going to get moist. If there is too much moisture, bacteria and bugs will get in the house. My roommate doesn’t think that will happen, but those things love moist warm areas. Our house is the perfect breeding ground for mold. I guess I can’t say much. As soon as Ben leaves I turn down the AC as low as it can go to enjoy some cold air. I hate sweating during the day and at night. When I get the chance to be cold, I am taking it.

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