Could not get emergency maintenance on our heating

Most heating and cooling companies offer 24/7 emergency service.

  • That means if your furnace quits in a blizzard or the AC is having problems after minutes, a Heating as well as A/C automobile will arrive to your house for the repair, then you just have to pay out the butt for it, then i live in a small town! We only have various Heating as well as A/C companies and neither of them do Heating as well as A/C emergency service… Everyone knows our local Heating as well as A/C corporations.

They toil 9-5 and only while in the week, and holidays they take off and they frequently will close down shop for hunting season. I make sure to get on it with heating and cooling tune ups so I don’t get out of luck, then one year I messed up though. I did not get our furnace tune up in early fall appreciate usual. I then missed out due to hunting season. Then it was already mid Winter time and I figured our furnace could last, but nope, it instead quit in the middle of the night. My house got freezing frigid to the point where I could see our breathe. I was so distraught about the pipes freezing. I had heated blankets and a heated mattress pad thankfully! But, the rest of the house was appreciate an ice box. I was so infuriated that neither corporation had emergency minutes. I would have paid anything to wake up to quality heating in the day. Instead I was up all night distraught about frozen pipes. I then had to wait until 9 to call for the furnace repair. It was so awful.
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