High velocity system provides whole-house heating and cooling

My house is around two hundred years old. The walls were built with the studs turned sideways to provide more living space, and they are constructed of the original plaster and lathe. Tearing them down to put up drywall is a huge, messy and labor-intensive project. There are fifteen rooms in the house, and they all have lots of big windows and ten-foot high ceilings. The house is beautiful but very difficult to heat and cool. There has never been conventional ductwork installed. When my husband and I first moved in, we tried managing temperature with portable air conditioners, box fans and electric baseboard heaters. The house was overheated all summer and freezing cold during the winter. I hated the look of all of the portable heating and cooling units. I wanted some type of whole-house temperature control with a central thermostat. I contacted a local HVAC contractor and asked him to inspect the house and provide a recommendation. He told us about high velocity heating and cooling. This type of system utilizes especially narrow, flexible ducts that insert into existing walls and accommodated pipes and other obstacles. There’s no need for a big renovation project. Plus the vents are only six inches in diameter and are available in a variety of styles. The high velocity HVAC system delivers the heated/cooled air at an extremely high rate of speed. It mixes with the existing air in the room very quickly to swiftly raise or lower temperature. Although the system is a bit noisy, we’re able to keep every room in the home comfortable all year round.
a/c rep