Husband is not successful in his attempt to repair furnace

My husband Jim is not especially handy.

He is always willing to try household repairs and improvements, but he typically makes the situation worse.

He does a great job with the gardens, shrubs and lawn surrounding the house. He grows a wide variety and bountiful supply of fruits and vegetables that he’s happy to share with friends, family and neighbors. However, if the garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner malfunctions, it’s better to call someone else. Last winter, when the furnace started to make some really strange noises, I hoped he wouldn’t notice. I would have preferred to contact a licensed professional and have the repair taken care of while Jim was at work. Unfortunately, my husband insisted on looking over the furnace. He changed air filter, made sure the pilot was lit and replaced the batteries in the thermostat. When his efforts failed to solve the problem with the furnace, I recommended hiring a local HVAC contractor. Jim insisted he could fix the heating system. He then proceeded to watch a series of Youtube videos on how to take apart and service a forced air furnace. I was less than confident in his abilities. He managed to take the heater completely apart. He vacuumed out the inner workings, wiped down various parts and tightened some electrical connections. Jim put the whole thing back together, turned up the thermostat and nothing happened. The furnace would not even start up. At that point, I hired an actual certified HVAC professional for repair. With the outside temperature down to twenty degrees, we couldn’t go without heat.


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