I got rid of my furnace a long time ago, and I don’t regret it

Chopping wood is a great exercise

I was like you once. I lived in a house in a colder area of the country, and we had to struggle to keep our house warm just like you did. We had a furnace in our house, and the furnace would work throughout the entire day and night to make sure that our house was as warm as we wanted it to be. Every year or two, our furnace would experience a malfunction, and we would have to call an HVAC technician to fix our furnace. The HVAC technician would charge a significant amount of money to fix our furnace. However, this was not expensive compared to the cost that you would pay either in gas or electricity to keep your furnace running throughout the year. I am so glad that I finally got rid of my furnace and switched to a wood stove to stay warm. Wood stoves are significantly cheaper than furnaces, and they are a lot easier to fix and maintain. Most people can fix and clean a woodstove without an HVAC technician. These HVAC units can use your existing HVAC ducts to heat your home too! I save a ton of money because I use wood, a naturally occurring fuel, to heat my house. Chopping wood is a great exercise. I don’t have to worry about my furnace not working because of a power outage or anything like that! My wood stove smells great, burns hotter, and is a lot cheaper than your furnace. Trust me, you will not regret your decision to purchase a wood stove and ditch your furnace.
Air conditioning worker