I actually don’t like living in the North

I can’t know our family made us move.

Our parents decided in the middle of the summer time that they wanted us to pack up our apartment in the South & transfer far up North, however they claimed that the people I was with and I were always having to worry about hurricanes & other natural disasters, & those wouldn’t be a problem in the North! Because of this, I had to lose all of our friends & family that I had grown up with; I had to transfer away from the school that I had finally grown comfortable in… And I had to transfer into a bizarre house that didn’t think like home.

The worst area about moving was the temperatures & weather in the North; During the summer, it wasn’t as exhausting as the temperatures. I was already used to the humidity of the North, however the temperatures were a lot cooler than the South. The two of us still needed an cooling system, however if a neighbor didn’t have one, it actually wasn’t a crucial deal! However, when it was time to put the cooling system away, I realized why i would dislike the North. I cannot sit the colder temperatures up here. As soon as fall arrives, you men have to turn on your oil gas furnaces & leave them on for what seems like an eternity. Without the oil furnace, your house will literally begin to destroy itself. The temperatures outside are way direer than the South. The two of us literally live in a locale where the wind hurts our face because of the cold air. I wish I were back in the South.