Candle Wax and Your HVAC

I have never been a super fan of the holidays.

Maybe it’s all the hype with everybody attempting to sell me stuff so I give my loved ones the stuff they want. Or, it may be that the holiday shopping season seems to start in mid September for some reason. The HVAC air conditioning is still on for crying out loud. It just seems as though the entire thing has become about the economy and not the sentiment. That is a shame for me because I actually love the feeling of the holidays. My family gathers and we all have a great time visiting with each other. My immediate family likes to enjoy decorating the house. We also enjoy fancy teas and cookies and stuff. That’s the part of the holiday time that I truly enjoy. It usually starts right around the second week of November. I begin to notice subtle decorations appearing once the Halloween stuff has been stowed. It starts and ends with the candles. My wife adores lighting candles through the holiday season. It’s kind of awesome actually. The scents evolve through the months so, the house just smells amazing. There is nothing like candle light to make you feel so very cozy in your own home. However, I have to start changing the HVAC air filter as soon as the candles start coming out. All that burnt wax ends up simply coating the air filter. I buy a case of air filters first thing in November. We get through the case by the time New Year is over. I literally change the air filter at least every 10 days or so because of all the candles!