Smart Thermostat Manages HVAC Far Better Than I Did

I’m generally the last person to get on board with the cool new thing.

That goes for just about any tech item or fancy trend. My wardrobe, outside of my work attire, is a dreadful mix of ancient concert shirts and faded golf wear. It’s sad really. It’s just the trendy stuff my wife buys me looks like I am trying far too hard. Yet, the things that I like and are comfortable make me appear to be an aging slacker of some kind. But I’m just sitting in my house enjoying the HVAC air conditioning. Don’t get me started about the electronics. I think I avoid the newest and greatest gadget on general principles. More tech equals more info which equals more stress is what I have found. I even had a superior threaten me, years ago, to start texting or face discipline. Honestly, I don’t think that would have gone anywhere but, I took it as a sign that a smart phone might not be a bad idea. I think I am at another tech tipping point. My wife convinced me to buy a smart thermostat for our home. It took some convincing. I wasn’t too thrilled to have a smart thermostat when I paid for a programmable one just a few years ago. However, she could not have been more on point. The smart thermostat has done an amazing job of managing our HVAC usage. The first month alone, it saved us over 10 percent on our energy bill. And that was without doing one thing different. I came to the HVAC tech party a bit late. However, I’m sure glad I showed up at all.


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