Battling my wife over the thermostat

My wife and I used to work together, a long time ago. This was well before we even started dating. It’s sort of a funny story, because when we shared an office together we did not get along very well at all.  It wasn’t until I transferred out to another branch office and started dealing with her over the phone that our romance started. She and I make a great team, but we just can’t be in the same place while working. We both have Alpha personality types while at work, which means we both need to be in charge. At home, for example, I don’t mind letting her set the dial for the thermostat. If the AC is a little cool for my tastes, or the heater turned up a  little too high, I have no problem dealing with it. While at work it is a different story, and no one besides myself should ever touch the office thermostat. My mindset on the job is just different, even when it comes to little details like the settings on the HVAC equipment. While at home though I am a different person, and little things like climate control settings don’t worry me in the slightest. My wife, on the other hand, is always an Alpha personality type, so whether at home or at work she needs to be in charge of the thermostat settings. At least one of us can relax at home when it comes to the climate control system, otherwise this marriage would be on some very shaky ground.