The damage hurricanes can do

Having a hurricane in your city can cause a lot of damage to homes and people’s properties, sporadically, hurricanes even take lives. It’s a undoubtedly horrible thing, but last year the two of us had a hurricane in my city and a lot of damage was done. Thankfully, no a single was hurt or killed, but I can say I am so ecstatic and thankful that I had all kinds of insurance on just about everything in my home and on my property, but one major thing being my central HVAC system. The hurricane absolutely swept away my entire central HVAC equipment think it or not! It was so strong, it ripped the lines out of the wall, and carried this important steel HVAC equipment to god knows where! When all was said and done, I had to go and call my local HVAC supplier to money in on the HVAC insurance I had bought, at the time when I bought that HVAC insurance, I never absolutely thought that I would have a real use for it what so ever. But, here it happens that if I had never bought the HVAC insurance for my central heating and air conditioner, this hurricane could have cost myself and others a small fortune on having to invest in a brand new central HVAC unit! And when you add the installation costs of the central HVAC system on top of buying the actual HVAC equipment itself, you can only imagine what it could have been! With the insurance, I was able to get a brand new and modern central HVAC system along with the HVAC installation totally free.

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