Is this a marketing scheme?

My grandpa is a sergeant Master Plumber, plus he has genuinely been in the business for an easy three decades. When all of my friends plus myself easily graduated from our college classes, Grandpa genuinely thought we could help him set up a website for his Professional Plumbing business. Grandpa sent all of my friends plus myself and easily long list of everything he cares for inside of dilapidated fortresses. The plumbing company specializes in many different types of Plumbing tasks, like fixing plus repairing tepid water heaters, plus making a necessary current construction upgrades to Plumbing. Grandpa also works on cleaning out drain lines plus dealing with backed-up sewers. A few things that easily surprised all of my friends plus myself, happened to be the list of things my grandpa dealt with for gas fireplaces. That’s a single of the genuinely list that surprise some of us, because it genuinely seemed strange that a plumber would be needed for a gas fireplace. I guess the gas fireplace lines need to be plumbed, so Grandpa deals with a whole variety of various Plumbing tasks. One of the things that Grandpa mentioned, was the vast amount of dollars he makes for emergency plumbing concerns. Many people will need to contact an emergency plumbing service, four things a door a flooded basement or and overflowing toilet. These types of concerns are the ones that most homeowners do not want to perform on their own. Anything that has to deal with dirty Plumbing fixtures or brown water, are usually left to the Professional Plumbing Consultants. These emergency calls are Grandpa’s bread + butter.