A big-time furnace problem

I really like residing where I am now, I live in a small city that has the most appealing people in it, however the first few afternoons that I was moving in, my neighbors brought me a few different meals every single night, plus they even helped myself and others paint and move all of my things into the rooms that I wanted them in. I was overwhelmed with how kind the people of this community are, plus I knew for sure that this would be our forever home. I love our current home as well. It is a rustic style house. It is small however homey. It is perfect for myself and others plus our more than one dogs. I have lived here for 4months, plus Winter time has finally came around. I tried turning on the gas furnace the other day, plus nothing happened. I pondered that maybe I was just doing something wrong, so I called a friend who tried to explain to myself and others over the iphone what to do. I tried everything he recommended to us, however our gas furnace still would not turn on. It is currently only forty degrees outside, so our home is quite cold, plus it is only going to get colder, so I need to get our gas furnace fixed all of the sudden. I undoubtedly do not have the money to spend our savings for a Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist to come out plus fix our gas furnace, so my lovely friend said that he would come over this evening plus see if he can fix it. I hope and pray that he can because I do not think what I will do if he cannot get our gas furnace running.
Cooling representative