My dog chewed my dehumidifier

My husband and I are pretty upset with the way our house turned out.

Vince and I had been saving for five years to build our dream home together. We finally were able to find a contractor, and our dream home was built in about six months. I love the way it looks. It is even better than what I was picturing in my head. The layout turned out just as we wanted it to, and we really did not have any issues with the contractor while our house was being built. It was not until after we moved in and got settled that we realized that he had really cut some corners. We have found some issues that are just not acceptable. The floor in our living room for example is not level. We have tried to get ahold of the contractor for a couple of weeks, but no one returned our calls. We found out yesterday that his business was shut down because he had gone bankrupt. We were so upset. Not only was the living room floor messed up, but the bathroom upstairs gets super humid, and the fan does not seem to do anything. If I take a shower up there in the morning, it is still wet when my kids get home from school around four o’clock. I bought a dehumidifier, and it helped a lot. It had the bathroom dry within an hour or so. I used the dehumidifier for a few months, but then, I came home one day to find that my dog had chewed the entire thing to pieces. Needless to say, it has been a rough few months.

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