It’s not easy trying to get comfy with makeshift cooling systems

I certainly wish my household had central air.

I never thought I would say that because I have regularly enjoyed the warm weather, that is until about 2 years ago.

Nobody informed me that as I became older I would become so intolerant to the heat. Now it seems that anything over seventy degrees is too sizzling for me. I have considered the option of moving however have no way to do that either. If you were to visit me at my locale on a really blazing hot afternoon you would entirely laugh at the lengths I go to when trying to cool off the place. Aside from standing in a cool shower I have fans running everywhere and even have a cooler filled with ice with a fan blowing across it. Searching sites such as Pinterest to find some DIY hacks on cooling my locale off as well. Addition to my landlord on several occasions to ask if I can have a variance so that I can put in a small window a/c device. She regularly tells myself and others the same thing, “if I let you do it after that I have to let every other tenant do it also”. I honestly don’t see the complication with tenants having their own a/c device so long as they are paying their own energy bills however obviously she said it is too much of a drain on the electrical system. She says that if a majority of the people were to turn on their a/c devices at the same time it would blow all of the fuses and easily cause a major complication with the electrical grid. I will have to continue my makeshift cooling in the meantime.



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