Unfortunately, I have to resort to makeshift cooling systems

Oh how I wish my dwelling had central air.

I never figured I would say that because I have typically enjoyed the sizzling weather, that is until about two years back. No one told me that whenI became older I would become so intolerant to the heat. Now it seems that anything over seventy is much too hot. I have considered the idea of moving but have no way to do that either. If you were to visit me at my site on a rather sizzling day you would probably laugh at the lengths I go to when trying to cool off my dwelling. Aside from sitting in a cool shower I have fans working everywhere and even have a cooler filled to the brim with ice with a fan blowing across it. I also am always searching sites like Pinterest to discover cool DIY hacks on cooling my site off as well. I also asked my proprietor on several occasions if I can have a variance so that I can put in a small window A/C appliance. He typically tells me the same thing, “if I let you do it then I have to let every other tenant do it also”. I really do not see the setback with tenants having their own A/C appliance so long as they are paying their own utility bills. He basically said it is too much of a drain on the electrical system. He says that if all the people happened to turn on their A/C appliances at the same time it would blow all of the fuses and actually cause a major problem with the electrical grid. I suppose I will have to continue my makeshift cooling for now.

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