I am starting to sound like my father

I am certain that most of you can relate to what I am going to say. My father, just like almost everyone’s, was regularly yelling about leaving the lights on, forgetting to shut the door, or sitting with the refrigerator open far too long. When I was a child I used to find it terribly frustrating and never knew what the big deal happened to be. My father used to say that he wasn’t working to heat or cool the outdoors and that light switches went two different ways for a good reason. As a parent and homeowner myself now I understand how crucial it is to conserve energy and save the wear and tear on these appliances. After all these things are completely costly and none more than your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C device. If you are always leaving the windows or doors open you are essentially forcing your system to work a great deal harder. This certainly can lead to more repairs and having to replace it sooner than you expected, however as our adolescents run in and out, open and close the fridge a hundred times each day, and leave rooms separate from shutting off the lights, those same phrases that our parents used to yell through the household are now coming from our own mouth. Now I watch as our own children roll their eyes and ask me what the big setback is. When they say and do these things I just smile inside and think of the day when they will come to the same realization that I have come to. These things have echoed through the generations from the first time a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C device was installed and are sure to continue in the future also.

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