Love Me, Love My Dehumidifier and Air Filters

When I was just a rug rat, I was plagued with respiratory illnesses, then from the time I was first born, I was continuously having to go to the doctor with a number of breathing challenges.

If I wasn’t coughing like crazy, I was wheezing for no apparent reason. If my sinuses were not completely stuffed up, they were running steadily. I was typically having asthma attacks plus never getting to have fun at recess. I could entirely go on field trips without having some sort of breathing issue plus winding up with an EpiPen stuck in my leg. My entire life has been a series of breathing troubles. I believe I should have expected that this word impact every aspect of the way I have to live, but I never really knew the full effect it would have on my romantic life. Frankly, my respiratory illnesses make it so incredibly difficult to be with someone. I am not particularly adaptable when forced to go places without good indoor air quality. My lungs plus nose just cannot handle it! In my own home, I have purchased good quality air purification systems and have them synced to my central heating plus cooling system. I use an advanced media air purification method to effectively filter out microscopic air pollutants before they can ever inflame my nasal passages. The air media purifier even has a UV light installed, which I have to officially change, in order to sterilize any germs or mold spores as they pass through the the a/c system. Besides setting up regular Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repair appointments in ductwork cleanings, I also pay a bit more in order to get the most sterile HEPA filters available on the market for my air conditioning plus heating system. If anyone wants to be in a relationship with me, they’re going to have to put up with my eccentricities.

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