When I Got Sick My Human Internal Thermostat Stopped Working Right

I am so thankful the time has finally come! I have been waiting for so long to scrub out this closet and get more room in there. For the past several years, I have been playing it with a mysterious internal control component issue. When I was a bit younger, I got sick plus my body stopped being able to regulate its own temperature like it is supposed to. I lost a ton of weight, plus without adequate insulation on my frame I have felt cold ever since. No matter what temperature it is outside, I am generally covered in Goosebumps. For all these years, I have been trying to coexist with other folks who have normal temperature standards. They set the control component around 73 or so degrees every day, and everyone is fine except me. I am typically so cold that I have to wear sweatshirts, long johns, hoodies and even gloves. I walk around the office or my home looking care about there is a blizzard. In reality, there is drafty air conditioning that’s making my body unable to handle the cold. I cannot stand it oh, so I am forced to wear Winter time gear. It has been a bulky plus sometimes humorous couple of years. Everything is about to go back to normal though! Tomorrow my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation is all scheduled to install HVAC with zone control. I am going to have separate zones created for the spaces where I spend most of my time. Then, I am going to shuttle all of the moderate air to those rooms. I will not be forced to don 10 layers of moderate clothes anymore to feel like a normal person. I couldn’t be more excited for all of this extra closet space now that I will finally be able to put my heavy duty clothes in long-term storage.


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