Fishing my keys out of the toilet

Being the father of one toddler and sharing supervisory roles with his mother, you would think that my wife and I are in the prime position to be outstanding parents. You’d argue that we’re the best at keeping track of our son’s behavior, but for some reason we just can’t keep this kid in sight for more than five minutes. And for the brief few seconds that he’s unsupervised, we quickly catch him in the act of doing something he shouldn’t do. Recently, he discovered my set of keys and has been obsessed. What really tickles him is when he tries to hide them from me, as he laughs his little head off while I’m running around trying to find my keys. While I’ve made a point to explain how it won’t be funny if Daddy is late to work, he insists on still doing it. Most recently, he decided to hide my keys in the toilet… after flushing. When I realized what he’d done, I did everything in my power to retain my anger as my wife punished him for his actions. At first, I had no idea how I would get my keys out, because I couldn’t fit my hand in the pipe. Fortunately, I remembered that we still have a shop vacuum in the garage! I quickly grabbed it, plugged it into an outlet in the bathroom, and got to work trying to pull the keys out of the toilet. I got lucky, because I was able to yank them out with enough time to make it to work. We really have to find a way to make this boy understand where he crosses the line!

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