Autumn and Winter are Sought After Seasons When You Live in the South

I realized recently that people and dogs responds to the changes in season like closing chapters on our life. Every time the weather begins a new time of year, our brain is ready to put to bed the past several weeks & transfer on to whatever the next several weeks have in store. Spring brings the desire to start up-to-date projects & shake off the Wintertime cobwebs. Summer Sun & humidity tells myself and others that it’s time to eat salad & prioritize our days & evenings to make the most of bathing suit season. I have to admit, when it comes to cold fall air, I feel the need right away wants to close the books on triple digit thermostats & transfer on to a fall nesting period.You might be asking if it could possibly be the big old turkey or fall activities that entirely gets myself and others thrilled to be alive… But truly, it’s the identifiable air quality of fall. The autumn air, with its apple crispness gets our thoughts turning towards finding a partner for the coming weeks. I start daydreaming about having someone warm to cuddle with on the coldest nights. We don’t use the furnace & temperature control in order to get the highest quality snuggles. We choose to slumber with the windows open instead of relying on any form of treated indoor air. We make stews and soups & holding hands to keep our fingers warm, and we bake apple pies in the warm & sunny day time & starting a raging fire in the fireplace at night. Of course, all of this leads up to the thermostat readings hovering under twenty when I want to stay beach up-to-date home with our partner and sizzle next to the heater air vents. When you think about it, all of the most romantic escapades are conducive to cold nights & cold days.