Ask All the HVAC Details Before Agreeing to be a House Sitter

Sometimes you need to be careful what moonlighting arrangements you take on.

You start out well-intentioned, trying to pocket a few extra dineros, & wind up getting taken advantage of in some instances, and recently, this happened to myself and others when I responded to an ad from a group post online.

It was a gig where somebody needed a responsible person to be a home sitter for 2 weeks. At first I was super excited and willing to take over this job from them & make some extra money. RElatively soon, however, it turned into a bit of a nightmare. I have been at the up-to-date home for an afternoon when I observed that the indoor air temperature was climbing. I waited around & got a cold drink, hoping that I would cool down. I did not want to waste any energy or cause the owners to worry about their HVAC. However, after an hour of covered in sweat while I sat perfectly still, I got up to check out what the thermostat said. That’s when I found that the owners set the thermostat to 79 degrees & there was a passcode on it. I got in touch with the homeowners & ask them politely if they could provide me with the passcode for the thermostat. They responded that they did not want myself and others decreasing the AC settings, so they just absolutely refused to give me the password I needed. They insisted I not all them about the air quality again. Unfortunately for them, I used to work for a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company in my area. I simply pop to the temperature control off the wall & touched the a/c wires together and boom – the a/c was running. And the a/c ran the whole time I was there. Good luck with your energy invoice, suckers.

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