Our oil furnace has a leak

I never realized how hard pregnancy would bet.

My friends told me about the good things involved in pregnancy, but they hardly ever mentioned anything downside.

I am glad that they told me all those positive things, but I honestly wish someone would have warned me about how hard it would be. I have been sick our entire pregnancy, & it has seemed to only get worse as I am nearing the end. I have also had a lot of emotional problems that I do not usually have to deal with. I find myself crying over nothing all of the time, & it is unquestionably not honestly fun. I am so thankful to be pregnant, but I honestly cannot wait until I get to meet our little baby & am done with being pregnant! Something that I have been extra sensitive to is smells. I can smell things that no a single else around me can smell. I unquestionably told our hubby the other morning that I thought there was something wrong with the oil furnace because I kept smelling natural gas, but he could not smell a thing, even when he got close to the oil furnace. He told me that I was just smelling things, & that there was nothing wrong with the oil furnace. I was sure that I was not just making it up in our head, but it was not until a month later that our hubby came house & smelled natural gas. It turns out that all of us have a leak, our oil furnace is leaking, & it is apparently getting stronger because our hubby was not able to smell it at first, but now, he is… Looks care about our sensitive pregnancy nose is not all bad.
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