Noisy cat toy fell down inside of the ductwork

I guess we will have to call out an HVAC corporation to come and take a look

Some time ago, the cover to one of our HVAC vent fell off. I don’t remember what happened to the cover but it has been missing for months now. It didn’t seem like such a big deal because the vent is out of the way and high up on the wall. The cat likes to hang out on top of the book shelf near the vent but she is too big and fat to go into the vent so we thought, no big deal. And then, we started hearing a strange sound whenever the heater would turn on. It sounded like something was rattling around in the vent. The one with the missing cover. It was a very loud and annoying sound and we had no idea what could be causing it. Then my husband witnessed the cat drop one of her toys in the vent. It was just a toy mouse, so it isn’t noisy, but it stands to reason that she must have dropped one of her noisy toys in the vent too. That must be what is making so much racket. We tried shining a flashlight into the vent but we can’t get our head in the vent to see anything. Reaching into the vent only showed us that there is a slope to the ductwork behind the wall and the noisy toy is out of reach. I guess we will have to call out an HVAC corporation to come and take a look. I mean, they do ductwork cleaning so they must have tools that can reach all the way down into the ductwork and retrieve a toy, right? I am betting that they must have a replacement cover for the vent too so that this doesn’t happen again.

Cooling technician