Old ductwork is full of old treasures

This apartment is very old and has an ancient HVAC system.

Well, honestly, I am not sure how old the system actually is. It works really well, so it is possible that the heating and air conditioning units have been replaced. What I mean to say is that the ductwork and ductwork grate covers are very old. The vents are all located on the floor of my apartment and the ductwork covers appear to be made of real steel. They aren’t cheap aluminum like the modern ones are. Instead of close together, slanted grates, it has grates that are almost an inch apart and they are just straight. This causes things to fall down inside of the ductwork all of the time. Usually the stuff that falls is not worth bothering about: a cheap earring, chips, and pens have all fallen victim. But the other day I accidentally dropped my keys down the vent. I knew I couldn’t leave them so I got a screwdriver and removed the grate to retrieve them. It did not take long before I had my keys back but then I saw that there was other stuff in the HVAC grate that did not belong to me. I found a gold ring. I had time to kill so I opened up every grate cover in the apartment and took out everything that I could. I ended up finding a cell phone, a really old digital pet toy thing, and a lot of trash. Now I really want to go to the other apartments and see what they have in their ductwork but I think that I would come across as weird if I asked to do this.


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