My baby loves the air conditioner

He hated the furnace, and he loved going outside instead

I always feel bad for babies whenever I see them during the spring or summer time. No matter how hot the temperatures are outside, these babies are constantly covered in multiple layers, and they are sweating rapidly! Even during the winter, they keep the babies bundles up inside of their houses, where the temperature is literally 85 degrees. Now, I understand that new moms and dads are trying to keep their babies warm and safe, but turning up your furnace, turning down your air conditioner, and bundling up when there is no need is not the way to keep your baby safe. My baby loves the air conditioner. Our child was born in the middle of summer, and I immediately noticed that this kid did not enjoy the heat. We tried to do what every first-time parent does. We turned down the air conditioner and bundled the kid up. However, he began crying and fussing because of the warmer temperatures. We began taking layers off of him and turning the air conditioner on, and he began laughing and playing. Our baby didn’t like the hot air and the furnace! He liked the cold air and the air conditioner. Even during the winter, our baby would cry if the thermostat in our house was ever set higher than 67 degrees. He hated the furnace, and he loved going outside instead. If you are a newborn parent, you need to get to know your baby! Maybe your baby actually likes furnaces, and maybe your baby likes air conditioners. Either way, you need to do what is best for your baby and not what the experts tell you to do.
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