Stupid Photo Ends in HVAC Tragedy

I was brought up in a very socially dynamic family.

First, the family is huge so the numbers at gatherings were always big.

You either got in there and mixed it up or you didn’t go at all. And we, as a group, are loud gregarious people. This has not changed one bit now that I am an adult. The only thing is that now the family gathers at my place. My wife and I have no children and live on a big farm. It’s really an awesome spot. I have a great big barn that I even air conditioned with an HVAC central air unit. Calling it a barn is a bit of a misnomer. While a small section of it does have stalls for our horses, the rest of the space is finished off quite nicely. I collect old video games from my youth. They are in there along with ping pong, a pool table and a really cool fully functional bar. It’s like a man cave but bigger. We host my family gatherings here. We get together as a family at least once every few months. Having the HVAC in the barn really helps during the summer. People can come inside and get cool before they go back out for whatever game is going on. Well, this last gathering we decided on a whim to take a group picture. The picture was on the side of the barn and someone threw a tarp over the HVAC condenser unit. I knew nothing about it. The tarp ended up staying on the HVAC unit until it finally broke down from no air flow.

Cooling specialist