Replacement parts for central HVAC systems don’t always break the bank

The last few years have been a whirlwind experience.

I had a steady job working for a bank in my hometown.

My boss owned the business with his wife after inheriting it from his father. We were one of the last remaining multi-generational small businesses in this quaint city. When I received the news of my layoff, I was devastated. I was blindsided as I had just signed a loan for a brand new car. The only thing I could do was send out resumes at a massive rate and hope for the best. I kept scouring the internet for jobs at nearby banks, hoping I could land a new job within the coming month. That’s when the unexpected happened. I was busy on my computer one afternoon when my air conditioner abruptly shut off. When I walked to the thermostat, I saw that the system had shut down completely. In a matter of seconds I was on the phone with my HVAC supplier. This seemed like the worst timing, and I genuinely feared I wouldn’t be able to afford the necessary repairs to get the air conditioner running again. For once, my assumptions turned out to be wrong and the repairs literally cost nothing. My technician said that my particular model air conditioner has a faulty fan motor that is warrantied by the manufacturer, and is also a known problem among HVAC specialists. Not only was the part free under warranty, but I also realized that the labor costs were covered by the maintenance contract I signed and paid for months before I lost my job at the bank. I was relieved to discover that a major problem with my air conditioner could be fixed without a single penny leaving my wallet.

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