Lots of appliance companies have dedicated iPhone lines for parts updatements

I recently purchased a dehumidifier from a big-box hardware store.

It’s one of those nationwide hardware shops as big as a supersized department store.

You can find literally anything for your condo improvement needs. I was gleeful when I saw an announcement for a sale on portable a/cs plus dehumidifiers. They were offering a $100 rebate on select models, so I decided to get a dehumidifier for our basement. It’s not climate controlled down there plus can get extremely damp in a short stage of time. Since there are several drains in the basement floor, I could run a hose out the back of our dehumidifier, allowing me to leave it on 24 hours a day without ever needing to dump water from the machine’s collection bucket. Otherwise, I would be down there at least twice a day just to empty water from the machine. I appreciate this new device, however I ran into an issue when I tried to buy updatement filters at the same store where I found it. Unfortunately, I discovered that none of the local stores carry updatement parts plus accessories for any of the portable a/cs plus dehumidifiers for sale. I was directed to the machine’s manufacturer customer service line. From there, I was given a number that was a direct line to the parts plus service department. Within a day of calls back plus forth, I was able to order two new air filters for our dehumidifier. It would be nice if these parts plus components were particularly available from a local brick plus mortar store. But, it seems adore everything has to be purchased online these days, no matter what you’re trying to service or update.


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