The hotel air conditioner was so gross and leaked water

The last trip I went on was a big success.

I planned the trip perfectly.

Our location was spot on, there was tons to do and the food was great. The only thing I messed up was the hotel. The hotel placement was great, it was just filthy. There was hair all along the floor and tub in the bathroom. The carpet in the room had a lot of food debris. The window was dirty and the curtains had chocolate on them. The cooling system was a window air conditioner device. It was extremely dusty and leaked water. What stunk is that the space was tiny. I had nowhere to put my suitcase other than under the AC component. The AC then would leak onto my clothes. So I would have to close the suitcase and hear the water hit it all night long. Then I would mop up the water and change into my outfit for the next day. I spent most of the trip mopping up after the cooling system. What was wrong with it anyway? I researched that a leaky air conditioner could be a clogged condensate drain or a jammed air filter. Why doesn’t the hotel take care of this? A leaky cooling device is not very efficient. It also looks so bad. I would think they would want the AC to be energy efficient and not look like dump. But again, this is the hotel that left hair in the bathroom for me to find. So maybe maintenance is not on their list of things to do.

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