Stuffing towels around the air vents

It is horrible staying in a hotel that doesn’t have thermostat control.

Nicer hotels use a wall mounted thermostat that controls just the room HVAC.

This way the customer can decide their own heating and air conditioning without affecting anyone else in the hotel. This form of zone control is efficient, effective and allows the guests to stay in ultimate comfort. You never know what you are going to get in a hotel though. The most recent place I stayed in had the brackets for a thermostat, but it was empty. At one point the hotel had HVAC devices and thermostat control in each room. They then upgraded to central HVAC all controlled by one thermostat out of reach of the people staying the night. I hate it when that happens since I get cold easily. Of course I was staying in the hotel during the summer. The hotel cooling device was on super low and the air blasting out of the vents was horrible. The vents were actually along the baseboards under the window. What I did was use my old towels and stuff them in front of the vents. There was nothing I could do to turn off the AC, so I simply resorted to blocking it. I can’t imagine how bad that would be for the HVAC bills. I did not care though, I wanted to not freeze to death. For four days that AC device did not get to control the room temperature. If there would have been a thermostat, the hotel could have saved money by not providing ac for my room.

Digital thermostat