Fresh air or indoor air

The question of the day is…can indoor air quality that is good be better than outdoor air quality that is good and natural? That all depends on a lot of things.

Indoor air quality that is great because of a whole home air purification system of course is unnatural quality air.

Although it can not harm you in any way, shape or form, whole home air purification systems creating good air quality is only the best if you have lousy outdoor air quality. Or, if it is so hot outside, that you have to be indoors with your central heating and air conditioning system with the thermostat cranked down all the time. Then, a whole home air purification system is all that you would have to be able to breath in great indoor air quality. If you have quality air outside all the time, you would not need to invest in a whole home air purification system, and you would be able to leave your windows opened quite a bit to get that fresh air quality flowing through your home. That is what I do in my beach house down the shore in the summer. The heat is not too bad at night, so I turn off the central air conditioning system, and then I open up all the windows and let that wonderful ocean air quality into the house. It really makes a huge difference. I do not have a whole home air purification system down there. Only in my house at home. That is because the air quality here can get pretty bad.


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