I neglected the heating/cooling ducts for fifteen years

I was embarrassed to admit that I’d never done anything with the ductwork

I lived in my house for fifteen years before I ever gave the duct system a thought. The ductwork is concealed inside walls, ceilings and crawl spaces. Because it’s tucked out of sight, I never considered the importance of maintaining it. As I’ve learned recently, the performance of the duct system directly impacts my comfort, health and budget. It has a very significant impact on the efficiency and reliability of the furnace and air conditioner. The air my family breathes passes through this network of pipes at least a half dozen times per day. If there’s a bunch of debris accumulated within the pipes, all sorts of contaminants can be introduced into the breathing air. Plus, if there’s holes or leaks at the seams, a great of deal of heated or cooled air escapes. When the maximum of conditioned air fails to reach the intended destination, the HVAC system needs to work a lot harder to meet the demands of the thermostat. If the furnace and air conditioner are running for longer cycles, my energy bills go way up. The wear and tear on the equipment increases the potential for failure and costly repairs. The only reason I figured all this out was because I started having some major problems with the furnace. Certain rooms in the house were downright chilly, no matter how high I adjusted the thermostat. The heating system was running constantly, making a weird noise and costing me a fortune every month. I was also vacuuming and dusting several times a week. When the HVAC contractor showed up to provide furnace repair, he asked when was the last time I had the ducts inspected. I was embarrassed to admit that I’d never done anything with the ductwork. When he checked out the system, he found an alarming amount of buildup within the pipes.
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