The reason our AC unit is breaking down

Having a family of five there are so many things to manage that some things are bound to slip past you.

On an average day around my house I am already going before the sun is even up and I don’t get to stop and rest until late into the evening.

After doing this for years and years, one of the things that I have been neglecting in order to keep up with my kids schedules is the heating and cooling unit. Just the other day when I was driving my kids to school I got a call from my husband telling me that the heating and cooling unit started making some loud noises and was acting as if it was going to explode or something. After I dropped off the kids at school I made my way directly to the local HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company where they were able to send out someone to help right away. After further inspection from the HVAC repairman, we were told that the problem with the heating and cooling unit wasn’t because of its age, but it was due to the fact that pests had been chewing up some of the wiring from the inside. Luckily he was able to notice the problem before it was too late, and a few hours later we finally had a well running heating and cooling unit. It was a really creepy feeling knowing that we had been hosting some unwanted visitors for god knows how long, but at least we were able to get to the root of the problem. Now we are able to put this behind us and will never let this happen to our heating and cooling unit again!


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