My parents are great

Isn’t it funny the things that you start to understand with hindsight as an adult? I look back at my younger life these days, and suddenly I can see things so differently than before. I start to uncover bits of information that were hidden from view, and the puzzle pieces can fall into place. For instance, I didn’t realize until last year that I was raised to be socially isolated. My mother stayed home with me, and rarely brought me around other humans for my earliest years – it’s no wonder I am socially awkward to this day! Recently, I also uncovered the source of my indoor temperature control anxieties. It dawned on me that when I was growing up, I never had any control over the indoor air quality. Being a child, that makes sense, but the thermostat settings were really a bit extreme. My parents kept the indoor temperature settings hovering around 60 degrees, summer or winter. This was insanely cold for me! I have many memories of being entirely consumed by sweaters and blankets, and still shivering in my bed. When I would ask my parents about increasing the furnace or AC settings, they simply told me it was none of my business. I know they were trying to establish some sort of HVAC schedule, but I don’t know why it was so inflexible when their child was shivering nonstop. Nowadays, as a full blown dysfunctional adult, I am obsessed with having access to the thermostat. I change the indoor temperature settings several times a day, whenever I feel the tiniest bit of discomfort. Around here, I run the entire heating and cooling plan, and there is no room for compromise.

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