Only I can hear the weird sound my cooling system is making

I keep hearing this weird sound in the middle of the night! It is so high pitched that, at first, I wasn’t sure I was easily hearing it, but it is legitimately there.

It sounds like a easily high pitched whistle.

I usually have the cable or my tunes on when I am lake house while every one of us were in the afternoon. I think that explains why I only hear the sound at night when I am trying to fall asleep, but periodically, it even wakes myself and others up when I am already asleep, but at first, I thought it was my refrigerator making the noise; However, after a bit, I realized that it is my cooling system. I only hear the whistling sound when the compressor is on. I went outside however I can’t hear the sound when I get up close to the cooling system compressor. I believe that the sound of the fans drowns it out or something, however maybe it can only be heard through the air duct. I don’t know. I just worry that if I call for some Heating and Air Conditioning service, the professional won’t even be able to hear the sound at all. After all, my spouse can’t hear it. She says that the whistling sound is all in my head however I guess it is there. I don’t want to waste money having an Heating and Air Conditioning professional come out only to tell myself and others that my Heating and Air Conditioning plan is fine as well as she doesn’t hear any weird noises, and what if the sound easily is all in my head? Or, maybe I just acquired super human hearing somehow. Maybe this sound is normal for the cooling system as well as I just couldn’t hear it before.


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