DIY air duct service does not go as planned

The air duct in this outdated lake house is very old, leaks, as well as is rusted out is spots. It must be one of the first central Heating and Air Conditioning units ever installed, then the people I was with and I knew that the air duct needed replacing before every one of us purchased the lake house however I didn’t believe it was that large of a deal. After all, how strenuous is it to change out a few ducts? I did a bit a of research as well as found out that I needed a sheet metal bender as well as cutter. No problem. The local hardware store rents these out. I got the metal, I got the cutter as well as the bender, as well as I got the duct sealant. I thought I was ready to go. Well, 4 afternoons later as well as I have only got air duct up for 1 room of the house, and despite this, I have gone through nearly all of the sheet metal I purchased because I keep making mistakes. The sheet metal is pricey as well as so is renting the tools for so multiple afternoons. If I were to buy more sheet metal, I would have spent more money than it would have cost myself and others to just have the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals replace the air duct for me. That is why I decided to fold my cards as well as call an Heating and Air Conditioning company then return the tools to the hardware store. I explained everything to the Heating and Air Conditioning professional as well as she was nice enough not to laugh at my amateur attempt. Instead, she got right to work as well as had all of my air duct up in a afternoon. She made it look so straight-forward however I know, from experience, that it is easily not.